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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 25, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. >> right now dozens of homes are still evacuated after a natural gas explosion in ocean county. a police dash cam caught the moment home blew up this morning look at that. the whole thing just exploded into the air. the blast was so powerful only a crater remains where that home stood. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. more than a dozen people were hurt in that explosion. the home was on oak avenue noor route nine in stafford township just a few miles from the garden state parkway. fox 29's brad sattin in stafford township tonight. >> reporter: incredible video of tuesday morning's gas explosion on oak avenue in stafford township near long beach island. a police officer actually hit the record button on his car's
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camera after the explosion. >> once the explosion happened? he entered his car pushed the record button knowing that the recorder would caption 30 seconds prior to it being turned. >> reporter: one home was shredded two others left uninhabitable and more than a dozen others were damaged. new pictures of the scene show the devastation. this was where the house was. other homes off foundations windows blown out doors landing across the street. a debris field of more than 75 feet in one direction. >> i've been in law enforcement 29 years. i've never seen the devastation total devastation like i saw today. >> reporter: neighbors heard the blast and felt their own homes shake. >> i heard this big crashing noise or explosion or something. the whole house shook. i thought the house was going down or something. very violently. i call downstairs mine kitchen cabinets were open. >> reporter: the building was a family's guest home being renovated no one was there at the time. they're main home was next door
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and that too was severe damaged. earlier in the morning the neighborhood was evacuated because of the smell of natural gas. so only emergency officials were there at the time. 2nj natural gas workers were critically injured. five others suffered non-life threatening injuries. several police officers and firefighters were also hurt but they are all now out of the hospital. crews with nj natural gas are working through the night to repair 200 feast underground pipeline the mainline could be back in service by tonight. crews will go door to door to individually reconnect the other homes of the 300 residents still evacuateed. seeing this blast and the aftermath the police chief knows it could have been much worse. >> unbelievable. it's absolutely amazing that nobody lost their life. >> reporter: it sure s stafford township did open its community center tonight for residents who were temporarily displaced but as of 8:30 nobody was there so they closed it down down. if you are one of those displaced residents you should call the police if you need some assistance. the hope is that the mainline will be up again by about
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midnight and then they will go door to door and through the night hopefully get these residents back in their homes. back to you guys. >> hopefully that plan work out just fine. thank you very much brad. reunited tonight a mother and her daughter the focus of amber alert are back in each other' arms after a multi state search ended in massachusetts and today that mom's birthday. quite a present. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia international airport and dave that's where the mom boarded the flight to see her baby. >> reporter: lucy authorities tonight would not release any details about the scheduled reunion between the three-year-old girl and her mother, but we did manage to speak with mom about an hour before she was scheduled to leave to be reunited with her daughter. >> i'm just going to squeeze her and hug her and kiss her. >> reporter: those words from dawn as she head to do massachusetts to be reunited with her three-year-old daughter elinor. less than 24 hours after the amber alert that went out when the three-year-old was force cybillly taken from her new castle county home by her father
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monday night. >> today is my birthday and i prayed all day to god that i would get her back and he gave me the best birthday present ever. >> reporter: it was terrifying day on the run for the little girl fbi agents, local police an swat team took her 43-year-old father michael trotta into custody in spencer outside boston. elinor was with trotta when police moved in. she was not injured. >> we were actually relying on the fbi swat team to take him into custody. when he exited the apartment and it was just safer at that time to actually stop him. >> she's never been away from me for that long. never been out of her routine. i'm sure she's been traumatized. >> trotta has warrants for a previous assault. he's chargeed with rec len lessness endangerment and carjacking. he switched to another vehicle in mt. laurel new jersey, overnight. he may have had helped from others. >> we're going to find out. we'll investigate.
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most important part was to get her back and we did that. report roar police thanked the fbi for helping to found trotta and elinor. investigator boss not say how they track the pair to massachusetts. they credited the amber alert system as well. >> this was a report card i'd say it's an a plus. >> she's shaken but she's ready to be back with me. >> reporter: now trotta was arraigned on fugitive charges tonight being held without bail. he will be extraditeed book delaware to face charges. tonight police are saying if anyone else was involved in his flight from justice they, too could be prosecuted. iain? >> dave, thank you. a teenager in the hospital tonight after police say a wrong way driver hit him and then took off. the 1684 old was walking along unruh avenue in philadelphia's holmesburg neighborhood late this afternoon. police say a driver in a 2004 silver honda driving the wrong way hit the teen and then drove away. the teen had third degree burns and some broken bones.
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he is now in stable condition at the hospital. there have been no arrests tonight. >> on your radar right now a brief break from the frigid cold. all right, scott, we've been waiting for this one. >> it's hard to believe we're talking about break but temperatures will still be below average. but we'll take what we can get. right now ultimate doppler pretty dry a few flurries trying to clip sections down the shore but that system is moving away. the high today 25 degrees. so tomorrow will be about 10 degrees warmer than that. right now temperatures in the teens and 20s once again it's still cold but tonight lows will be in the teens. tomorrow temperatures in the upper 30s. and, yes more snow is possible for some by thursday morning. with southern system advisories and warnings already going up. points to our south. coming while have the timeing how that system could impact a part of our area once again by thursday. guys, back to you. >> all right, scott thank you this winter weather leaving a bad taste in some people's mouth. literally. there's ban change in the taste
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of their tap water. turns out what's crept in salt that's being used to keep you save on the roads. but is it save to drink? fox 29's chris o'connell live in delaware county where many people are complaining about this tonight. chchris? >> reporter: they sure we've been hearing those complaints iain if you live in some parts of delaware county there's a good chance you may still be tasteing a little something funny in your drinking water. what is it? you said it, salt. the same kind of salt that penndot puts down on roads to keep highways dry. well that very same salt is making its way into our drinking water. >> i'll came out tonight some water because i'm really thirsty and we can't really drink the water. >> reporter: eight months pregnant jennifer's says the water coming from her tap was making her more thirsty. >> it started happening yesterday. just tastes really salty. makes you thirsty eighty three. >> she can thank penndot for that salty taste and tens of
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thousands of tons of road salt spread to make highways safe. now seeping its way into delco's drinking water. >> i don't think there's anything real toll worry about. >> reporter: chuck manages aqua's laboratory where water is tested. even treatment plants can't remove all salt from water. they tell us the water may taste salty but is safe to drink. they say so much salt is being applied to roads in a short amount of time this year it made matters worse. >> this time of the season, certainly penndot puts a lot of salt on to the roads. and when we get a rain event or a melting event like we had over the weekend we tend to get that -- some of that washing in the water sheds. report roar the problem is around the crumb creek water shed. springfield, swarthmore, ridley park and norwood. >> a little salty. >> reporter: we took a water sample and gave it to john tyson of sanetoga water conditioning for testing. he confirmed what others were
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tasting. elevated levels of sodium. >> total dissolved solids number is 701 that's a high number. over 500 is reason for concern. >> definitely not a health issue. it's more of a taste issue definitely. i would be concerned about it personally and he is special physical you're on low sodium diet. >> reporter: now aqua america tells us that it was out retesting the field today. they said the levels of sodium were back to normal. it's just a matter of that water making its way threw the water system. that should take another 12 hours. but even all of that could change with another snowstorm and another round of road salt on area roadways. iain. >> interesting stuff thank you chris. flames engulf this kensington building for hours early this morning. setting off a rough day for commuters. the fire broke out around 5:00 this morning near the york dauphin train station it started in a building close to the el and spread to nearby businesses no one was hurt and trains near
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that station were detoured for most of the day. >> harrowing yesterday a headache tonight. the enormous tanker fire in pennsauken is going to reroute drivers for quite awhile. tanker was hauling nearly 9,000 gallons of oil. it somehow overturned and exploded yesterday morning the delaware river port authority is now saying repairs may take several days. and the route 90 ramp to route 130 will not reopen until it's all done. >> we believe that we'll probably be able to accomplish this in a few days. it depends. it depends on issues with contractors and equipment. i think in particular one of the things that has potential to be the tike key yesterday the replacement of the lighting. >> crews will also have to repair the guardrail and scrub the remaining oil off the road before it is safe again for drives. new tonight police say a driver abandoned his delivery truck in the path of oncoming commuter train in california that. driver is under arrest for hit-and-run. new video shows the aftermath of the crash near los angeles this
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morning. investigators say the driver took a wrong turn and got stranded on the tracks. he's accused of of taking off and leaving the truck. he was found about a mile and a half away. at least 28 passengers ended up at the hospital. some in critical condition. breaking right now a texas jury has reached a verdict in the case of marine vet charged with killing the author of american sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefeed. this right here a live look in the courtroom we're expecting the verdict in the next few minutes. we will bring the to you as it happens. the judge handed the case over to jurors are earlier tonight after about three hours of closing arguments. eddie ray routh has admitted killing kyle and littlefield at a shooting range in 2013. his defense claims he had no idea what he was doing. and was insane at the time. ♪ jaw dropping video catches a driver thrown from his car on a busy interstate and simply stands up shakes it off. how it all happened. trip to local car wash ends
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with this crazy scene. >> never expect someone to go airborne, you know, right in front of you. >> what the driver did moments before her suv destroyed new cars for sale. okay. watch as the ground opens under this couple. right there. swallowing them into a sink hole. okay they are okay. a few feet ahead of them that may have made that whole thing collapse. >> she's told she's got to leave by this spring. >> she should pay her taxes. that's the law. >> we confront a local pastor about a church group taking a home over unpaid taxes. tonight we meet another mom who's family is about to be kicked to the curb.
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♪ a burglar used his car to back right into some storage units. police say three units at the public storage facility on the 2100 block of lane were hit last week. this is in philadelphia's harrowgate neighborhood. no word on what was stolen. who would steal from a church not once but twice? police say 46-year-old melvin butler would and they have arrested him. they say he broke into the straight gate church in the elmwood neighborhood of philadelphia once in dose and again in january. they say he was after the copper and stole nearly $12,000 worth of pipe and fixtures he now faces burglary charges. flying cars a rare sight of course but it happened today at this ardmore car dealership. an suv caught big time air and landed on top of other cars rescue crews had to work very carefully to stabilize the suv and rescue the woman trapped inside. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke to some amazed witnesses.
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>> reporter: unusual wreck in ardmore bringing out the smart phones. you're looking at crews working to remove a jeep grand cherokee stacked on several cars at ardmore acura. a woman smashed on top of them after taking her jeep airborne. >> typically this is not the norm for us. most of the time our vehicles have their wheels on the ground. >> i heard a bang. dealership staff ryan tepper says he saw the woman in her 70s rye after she pull out of this car wash. investigators say she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes ramming this guardrail before taking on a snow bank which acted like a ramp. >> ran over to the car immediately. i asked her if she was okay. kind of didn't seem like she was responding. i told her to stay where she was at and called 911. >> new vehicles for sale underneath crushed there. two are toll losses one was minor damage. >> fire officials say they used special struts for balancing while making the rescue. >> what we were doing was building up stabilization to support the passenger side and just make sure that as the
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victim was coming out of the car that the car wasn't going to shift. >> reporter: firefighters say her injuries did not appear to be serious but the job got tougher as teams worked the aftermath. tow truck operators carefully hoisted the jeep as steve wilson jump into the acura below with more than 2 tons of jeep suspended over his head. he started the car and drove away. >> i just wanted to get the car out from underneath before anything else slipped and we had a big catastrophe here. so luckily, you know, it was very minimal damage. body wise. >> reporter: there were no other injuries. those on scene say this will stick with them for quite sometime. >> it was shock. i'm still shaking from it. >> you never expect someone to go airborne, you know, right in front of you. roar report victim was taken to the hospital where she's stabilized in the meantime the dealership says it's looking at an $85,000 loss but they say insurance will take care of it. in ardmore dave kinchen fox 29 news. new jersey governor christie says no new taxes for residents in new jersey. that's the good news.
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delivered in his annual budget address today as for the state's pension and health system christie is talking road maps and reform. saying historic payment of $1.2 billion will go into this fiscal year less hasn't of that a judge ruled the payment is supposed to be. he plans to appeal the ruling and says there's no quick fix. >> let me tell you this. we don't need any court to tell us we have a serious problem. i have stood behind this podium for five years talking about this problem candidly and open openly. christie says the steps if not taken down things will get much worse. he wants to replace the pension plan with a new one that would be transferred to a trust. you can see more of his speech on our website head to it's on the home page. apparently many new jerseyans think atlantic city's best days are behind it. new rutgers eagleton poll says 63% in the survey say the seaside gambling resorts best
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days are in the past. only 25% say they're still to come. four of atlantic city's 12 casinos closed last year and the city has massive financial issues. >> we are following breaking news for you right now. we've been telling you about this a verdict in the murder of american sniper author chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. of course, this was handed to the jury a little while ago and this is taking place in texas. they're an hour behind us. >> right. >> and again -- >> they gave us a 15 monday warning about five or so minutes ago. they're usually on time. all rise and now they'll be seated. the jury foreman will hand up that verdict to the judge and of course it will be -- it will be read as well. this of course is in the case of american sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield. let's listen in. >> the record will reflect the jury's return to the courtroom at this time. you're the four person of the jury. >> yes urn. >> you have reached a verdict in this mattering. >> yes, urn.
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>> hand that verdict to the bailiff, please ma'am. >> mr. routh please stand. >> we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty of the felony offense of capital murder as chargeed in the indictment signed by miss staff for as for person of the jury. uh-uh may be seated at this time. you wish to have the jury poll. >> yes your honor. >> request to have the jury poll polled has been made at this time. what i will do at this point individually start at the first seat. first juror and ask you the same question of each and every juror juror. is this unanimous verdict of the jury? >> eddie ray routh convicted in
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murder of chad little field and american sniper chris kyle. you her it right there. the defense had said that he was innocent by reason of insanity. the jury of 10 men and two women did not agree. we will have much more on that on here's something you don't see often. a student arrested now blaming 50 shades of grey. what police say he told investigator. >> a driver leads police on a wild chase into this quiet neighborhood when he ditches the car and takes off running. the bizarre spot cops found him hiding plus -- >> phillies go through their first official workouts here in clearwater florida but i'm not sure everybody is happy. we'll take a look coming up in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic ears bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. through the overnight watch for detours in kensington around the three alarm fire from this morning. all centered around front and york and then tomorrow all day long they'll be working on the
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boulevard of the rows vessel boulevard expect delays southbound coming out of broad street past kelly drive down on to the schuylkill expressway. tomorrow morning you know the drill. black ice and traffic jams. sue and i will see you at 4am.
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♪ scary moments caught on ohio state police dash cam video. a man miraculously a okay after he was thrown from an suv.
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state police say snowy conditions made driving difficult. the suv crashed and then veered towards the guardrail. the guy flew out of the vehicle landing in the middle of the road. now luckily the state police officer was right there when it happened. the guy gets up right away but he was struggling walking. the officer jump out of his car to help. this video was just posted to the department' facebook page as a reminder to be careful in winter conditions the message slow down, leave some room between yourself wonder cars and always wear your seat bell. not the you want to end your meal. guests were enjoying their dinner in florida when sudden al boat crashed into the restaurant restaurant. the driver was trying to navigate through heavy fog when he slammed into the building. two people on the boat have minor injuries. everyone else quite a story to tell but no injuries. 50 shades of gray made him do illinois prosecutors say a students reenactment of scenes from the movie is why he's now locked up for a violent sexual assault. they say 1984 old mohammed
3:25 am
hussein bound a woman's hands covered her eyes and beat her with a belt and his fists even though she repeatedly beg him to stop. authorities say it happened inside his dorm room on the campus of the university of illinois chicago. his public defend says he thought it was consensual. some students aren't buying the 50 shades excuse for that attack attack. >> blaming hollywood. >> yes and no. >> i say yes because why would you put something out like that for people to see and to consume and new york, because you should have your own mind and know when no means no and no when to stop. >> the attorney for hussein says he's involved in leadership programs and outweigh age ron team. he's now in jail on $500,000 bail. she says she got behind on her tacks and never caught up. now she fears losing the place. >> what do you think about when you think that the chance you could lose it? >> i can't even think about it. it upsets me.
3:26 am
it's my home. >> would you believe a group linked to a church may take fox 29 investigates is ahead. scott? >> get ready for a brief warmup but more snow could hit soon. details neck. >> and changing the way you cook breakfast favorite why
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♪ temperatures only in the teens we'll get a brief break from the cold. scott don't tell me you're tracking some snow? >> i think he'll tell you. i think he's going to tell you. >> it all depends on where you live. it could arrive as early as thursday morning iain and lucy but let's talk about how cold it's been. for the month of february we're on target for the fifth coldest february on record for the philadelphia area. temperatures have been running well below average for this time of year. we get that brief break tomorrow but then more cold air is going to be moving in as we head toward the latter part of the week. but look at those temperatures right now. 22 in wilmington. 20 in philadelphia. 19 in reading. 19 right now in allentown. allentown was at eight below zero this morning.
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set agnew record low. as we look at you will matter doppler, pretty dry and quiet. a little light snow trying to move in toward the shore but that system is moving out to see see. our next focus will shift toward the southwest moving toward texas. this is a southern system take look at all of the winter storm warnings that have been issued in pink advisories in purple for sections of the deep south. they will be dealing with the system during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and then by thursday once again thursday morning some of that moisture will try and move toward our area. so by 7am you can see dallas fort worth dealing with that snow and sleet. moving toward shreveport louisiana. also moving toward another lanta and charlotte by the same time tomorrow. so we're really will be watching what happens with this system tomorrow night but then as we move toward thursday morning look at clock. 6am you can see some of that snow trying to move toward richmond also moving into kent, sussex county, extreme south
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jersey. cape may area by 10am we're still looking at some of that snow mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor. so it's all going to be about timing as well as location. but once again as we run the latest computer model you can see most of the accumulating snowfall potential is south and east of philadelphia. we could see a coating to 2-inches especially where you see those darker shades of blue in kent and sussex counties. so for tonight not as frigid not as brutal, 18 degrees in the city. tomorrow temperatures top out in the mid to upper theirs so that's going to be pretty balmy considering and then 10 degrees colder on thursday. 27 for the high. watching that system off to the south. sue serio will have the latest tomorrow morning on the track. and then by friday still cold, saturday below freezing. and then a little milder for sunday and monday. and we could see a wintry mix by tuesday of neck week. guys, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. season three master chef jr. came to an exciting toned night. >> i was glued to my tv.
3:32 am
i know for some. >> we've all been rooting for andrew from west deptford, new jersey. >> the winner of master chef junior is... congratulations nathan. >> i don't know about you. i really thought andrew had it tied up with the bow. fox 29 caught up with him at a viewing party tonight in westville, new jersey. >> congratulations. >> thank you everybody. for coming out. i know. you know it's sad but you know i'm the first runner up. so that's -- >> right. first runner up. andrew has a great attitude as you can see. more than 100 people from his hometown came out to support him. he's got lot of fans and when he
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opens his italian bistro i am all over it. >> good cook. >> he can cook. one time in my life i loved bacon. i don't eat it any more. a love of folks do. >> new devices promise us to give a crisp salty breakfast favorite from your microwave. >> chris chmura puts the bacon wave to the test. >> bacon sizzle and shrivels on the stove. but must it splatter and curl? you need the original bacon wave wave. >> for 15 bucks the bacon wave vows to reduce that greasy pan fried mess. >> and straighten thing out a bit. >> it's patented design prevents curling and breakage. >> bacon -- we took bacon every day. >> a staple of the family breakfast. >> almost the same thing every single day. >> chris matt and katie eagerly vomit volunteered to try the bacon wave. >> let's see if it works. >> reading directions -- >> recommended start with four
3:34 am
to five slices. >> is required. first dad stretches each slice through the bacon wave rack then pierces both sides of the array,ing. >> secure each slice with a stick. >> from there, it's in the microwave. cooking time varies. in our case, four minutes of scepticism for katie. >> i think greece will go everywhere. >> at the mommy of truth wow look at that. >> they find just one piece that snapped off the secure. >> this piece of bacon right here broke. >> and shriveled. most however crisp up nicely and flat. >> you cook it on the stove it wouldn't get as thin. >> side by side comparison is flat out no contest. traditional pan fried slice wrinkle on the left a bacon wave slice stretches across the right. as for flavor, matt is on bore. >> thumbs up?
3:35 am
>> um-hmm. >> the bacon wave passes. >> does it taste like bacon? >> yeah. >> the family taste test. >> pretty good. >> compared to cooking on the stove,. >> pop, pop, pop pop. >> chris concludes the bacon wave -- >> i mean it worked. >> is a huge improvement. >> it did trap the grease for her. i would say maybe it's safer. than cooking it on the stove. >> but katie is not sold on the $15 price tag. though he zenned some wiggle room. >> what would you pay for it? >> i would pay $14 at the most. >> that's one smart cookie. hunching crispy bacon. >> watch as the ground opens up under this couple tonight they are okay. what's a few feet away that may have caused this ground to collapse. >> waffle house taking on fed ex and ups. what they're calling the uber of deliveries. >> the race to save several manatees trapped watch they were
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3:38 am
♪ terrifying morning commute for couple in south korea. the ground right there just opened up underneath their feet. they got off a bus seconds later fell through that sink hole in the sidewalk. two buildings are going right
3:39 am
right next door and that's what triggered this collapse. firefighters got these two out. they only have minor injuries. in your money unlikely arrival for fed ex and ups. waffle house a breakfast staple near highways all over the country will offer deliveries. teaming up with an app called road dee and how it work waffle house locations will drop off points for packages that need shipping. road dee drivers will pick up the items and deliver them. >> we're gathering place already so people are coming to our restaurant. so why not make it a place where people can come together that maybe shipping or receiving something. just made per fact sense from that standpoint. >> waffle house has over 1700 diners open 24 hours day. users can track their deliveries in real time and there's a bonus for drivers making the deliveries. waffle house says they get a free waffle and a drink with each pick up. >> interesting. every parent wants their kid to be financially secure some day. >> maybe taking a certain class in high school can actually help that financial future. researcher at the university of wisconsin say students who take a personal finance class in high
3:40 am
school have higher credit scores as young adults. nationwide budget challenge might back that up. more than 25,000 high school students took part in the nine-week challenge. they had to budget for everything from phone bills to retirement savings and by the end, 78% of students said they did indeed learn how to better manage their money. a driver leads police into a quiet wild into this quiet neighbor when the guy ditches the car and takes off running. the bizarre spot cops found him hiding. >> she says she got behind in taxes and never caught up. now she's worried she's going to lose her home. a group linked to a church may
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
♪ kansas missouri man on the run from police found an unusual place to hide after leading police on a high speed chase he ditch the car ran off and found a mattress and crawled under it. he was. the reason we have this video because the police chopper was over this all watching his every move and so they caught him short time later. you know most church do's not pay tacks on the property they own but of course you do. >> how would you feel if a group with links to a house of worship were to take your home for the tacks you owe? fox 29 vet gates is probing the actions of local church. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: monday night we introduced to donna maxwell. she lives in this run down mobile home in burlington county where she's struggling to raise four kids. maxwell fell behind on her real estate tacks and never caught up
3:44 am
up. live center cad mow a school run by the fountain of life church in burlington paid the taxes not to help her but to eventually foreclose. >> why would you foreclose on folks and force them aring. >> we asked the pastor why? >> the church hasn't taken advantage of anybody. i'll be happy to talk to the -- i'm off today. i'm doing some work on my house. thanks for stopping by. >> donna maxwell is not alone. jennifer adores the palmyra victorian where she's been raising three sons. >> i'm terrified. i don't want to lose my house. i don't know if we're coming or going report roar she fears it's slipping away. >> i fell behind in my taxes. i've been carrying on everything else. and a church came in and they bought the tax sale i guess from the township. >> she owes their grand in back tacks. >> they charged 18% interest. and then fees and penalties when i couldn't come up with the full amount they're trying foreclose
3:45 am
on the house. >> reporter: but live center tells her with interest the bill has now ballooned to nearly $57,000. so what do you think about when you think there's a chance you could lose it. >> i can't even think about it. it upsets me. it's my home. for me and my children. >> reporter: court documents show both houses are being hasn'ted over to fs properties. susan m. esposito life center academy's live center of development signed the paper work. here's another document she sign sign. 2012 plea deal with the justice department turns out the feds were investigateing big rigging at tax lien auctions across new jersey. the government claims thiss conspiracy had bidders divvying up properties prior to auctions so they could charge the maximum interest rate of 18% and putting them first in line if the property owners failed to pay again. a dozen defendants have pleaded
3:46 am
guilty. among those was mercer mse. documents show the foundation of life center is its parent company. esposito is its president and it got a $15,000 fine and probation at sentenceing. we knock at her door and left a card but got no response. we went down the street and asked bowed win about it. >> didn't the church have some trouble in the past involving this? didn't the federal government move against -- >> everything -- >> entity of the church? >> everything you're asking mow to public record. you're certainly willing to go and look that all up. >> was it $15,000 fine from the feds. >> no i think you have your information wrong. >> court documents show they've already paid. and there's more. the church and some of its leaders were named in a class action lawsuit. it claims esposito and bowed one repped the church at auctions and charges leans would be assigned to shell accordings like mercer.
3:47 am
a lawyer working the civil case says they've reached verbal agreements to settle with the everyone including the fountain live of defendants who agreed to pay out $250,000 and offer a big discount on past leans. again, bowed within toll us we had it wrong. >> you have your information wrong. >> what about there was $250,000 -- >> i think you have your information wrong. >> i'm going to call you and you'll meet with me, right? dave? >> before he slipped inside, we asked about the leans. >> dave, do you guys buy tax leans and foreclose on people? >> no, we don't by tax leans any more. >> do entities connected with the church do it? >> nope. >> that may be true. but fs properties which is taking schlear and maxwell's homes has taken dozens of propertyies since 2013. >> both moms claim they've tried to pay what they could of the taxes but couldn't clear them. and they say the church won work with them. >> if your -- >> dan rocatto has the finance
3:48 am
committee at his church where buying tax leans is not allowed. it requires invest many policy to be spelled out. >> i want to be comfortable that the church's resources our money as a congregation is being used in a way that i think supports our overall mission. which presumably is to serve the communities and serve god. >> this church goer says fountain of life has now dumped the tax lien business. >> for closing on people. kicking them out of their homes. >> that's part it yeah. >> yeah. >> but aren't people bothered by that? >> huh? >> aren't parishioners bothered by the idea that folks would be foreclosed out and kicked out of their homes. >> even if they're no longer buying tax leans it's not helping the women we spoke to. >> which i didn't know a church -- i thought churches were there to help you. not to prey on people's misfortune and take your home. >> while maxwell claims the
3:49 am
surge was nice enough to give her food last year, it was not so kind when she asked to rent. just to stay in her former home. >> and they said to you -- >> no. >> no? >> i owed too much money. >> why? they're church. don't they want to help you. >> i guess not. >> you don't think they want to help you? >> no, not at all. not at all. >> executive pastor bowed win told to us call fountain of life and set up an appointment. we tried but never heard from him. a new jersey leader of the church's parent group the assemblies of god says, changes have been made. there's new leadership including an interim lead pastor and chief financial officer at fountain of life. an audit is underway to determine if funds were mishandled. the assemblies of god adds, it encourages compassion for those in financial hardship. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> won a little compassion be helpful to those two women right about now.
3:50 am
several manatees trapped in drain pipes in are a land dough. they were probably trying to get to warmer waters. a group of rescuers worked throughout night to free all 19 and release them back into safer and warmer water. all right. tom sled den check with look what's coming up in sports. >> can they send a little of that our way. >> we need anything at this point, guys. we're almost to march. of game for the flyers is critical. game with carolina tonight down to pair of second period goals. just how productive can thrive-year-old ryan howard really be if he sticks around this season? from one howard to anot
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ all right. phillies are intact in clearwater for now. that list includes cliff lee cole hamels, ryan howard and yes, jonathan papelbon. howard eskin with more on your 2015 phillies. >> reporter: today was the first official full workout for the phillies. now ryan sandberg addressed the team along with ruben am marrow. pretty much a pep talk. one guy isn't real happy that. would be ryan how war. he won't speak to the median
3:54 am
share his feelings because his feelings are hur but everybody including the manager says, right now it's okay. >> i had a good conversation with him. he looks good and fresh. he's well aware of some of the young talent that's out here and some athletic players around him. so um, you know, he's in high spirits. >> larry bowa works with ryan howard on his fundamentals at first base and bowa knows about all the trade talk with howard's name all over them. but does he feel that's bothering ryan howard? >> i'm he's a professional. you can talk about it all they want. anybody in there cole hamels cliff lee papelbon i'm sure stuff bothers those guys. when the umpire says play ball i'm telling you right now how war i don't think guys think about am i going to be here tomorrow? >> can ryan howard do all he needs to do at 35 years of age? >> well, it's tough but it's all part of when you get older there's adjustment that have to
3:55 am
be made and he's going to hear it enough and i would say he realizes that. >> reporter: but the harsh reality of sports you don't get better when you get older and the phillies are still trying to trade ryan howard. with the phillies at spring training in clearwater, florida i'm howard eskin fox 29 news. >> all right. howard thank you. flyers continuing their push for a playoff spot every point critical. starring tonight four points behind the boston bruins. second period, tied at one. and this is jeff skinner two- two-one hurricanes it gets worse worse. jordan stall on the power play gets the goal right there. awful loss for the flyers just awful four-one carolina wins it tonight. how about villanova taking on providence. it is senior night and that is darien hilliard. fitting the he's the leading scorer. hehe has 24 against 25 providence. pinkston makes his way to the basket for 16. cats are rolling.
3:56 am
really playing well as we enter the month of march. they win it 89-61. only positive for the flyers tonight, guys, boston lost as well. flyers still four points back but tonight is one you got to have. they didn't get it. >> you know what i'd like to get? >> oh, warmer weather. >> exactly. >> bring it. >> we turn two. >> not as frigid believe it or not instead of a low like we saw this morning of seven it's only going to go down to 18 tonight. >> see iain. >> there's hope. >> there could be some snow for parts of the area by thursday morning. especially south and east. sue will have the latest thon tomorrow morning at 4:00. >> i spoke too soon. >> there you go. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> a police dash camera catches the moment a house is blown to pieces, the split second decision that caught this blast on camera. >> waiting for girl to arrive back in philadelphia. first, sue serio? >> yes, it is cold this morning, but not as cold as yesterday. at this time of year we count every degrees and we will be showing you lots of that. plus, we have a chance of snow in the forecast, chris. we'll tell how is going to get it and when it happens coming up. >> jury wasting no time coming to this verdict in


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